Friday, 19 February 2010

My first sewing project.....

We've been poorly in our house this week.  A virus has been hitting us all just like a bowling ball on skittles and its only Mr Vintage who's still going strong.  So while I lay in bed I thought I'd do a draft blog and suddenly I've perked up. I have 15 followers, how on earth did that happen?  How lovely.  If this continues I may have to do a giveaway. I love entering them (never win sadly) so I'd love to do one.  So thankyou for taking the time to add me.

vintage plastic knitting needles
I recieved these this week from the lovely Mitmot, from Shabby Chic cafe. If you get the chance come on over, lots of friendly chatter and always someone willing to help or give advice on just about anything, sewing, knitting, painting furniture and life in general.

In between mopping children's heads and dispensing calpol I managed to make this......

It's a cot quilt for DD3.  I made it from a single patchwork duvet cover from Argos that was pretty cheap and added some wadding.  I cut out three hearts from the patchwork side of the quilt and after bonding them on I machine sewed them in place.  The stitching is wobbly, the seams aren't straight and I think the hearts are slightly wonky but I adore it.  This is the first proper thing I have made since I left school and I have loads of material left over so I want to make a cot tidy and bunting.  I didn't realise how enjoyable sewing could be and how quick it is to make something.  I'm so nervous putting my foot to the pedal but I'm not as hard on myself as I used to be when I was younger - I just think what the heck, she's 6 months old it's not as if DD3 will even notice the wonky stitching lol.

DD2 has just come in she's having a nightmare but funnily enough hasn't even gone to sleep yet, mmmm I think someone wants attention, so ttfn. Sweet dreams x

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Surprise in the loft

I'm a bit of a hoarder and shove lots of things I think might come in handy into the loft - the result being that we simply could't get up there any more.  So taking BIG breaths on saturday we braved the boxes, bags, old christmas trees (four !!!) and huge hanging cobwebs and made a start.  It took all afternoon, two trips to the dump and charity shop but look what I found.......
It's a hand crocheted granny squared blanket for a single bed.  It's so lovely and blooming heavy!  Sadly there is a small hole in one of the squares but some lovely ladies over at Shabby Chic Cafe  have offered a replacement.  I'm always amazed just how generous people can be and I am so pleased to be part of a lovely blogging community. Middle daughter has asked if she can have it and of course she can.  She doesn't know it yet but one of my projects this year is to completely revamp her bedroom.  Sadly she's growing out of disney princess so I'm going to indulge my inner vintage.
ttfn xxx

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Green & Blacks Official Chocolate taster !

If I had to come up with a list of dream jobs they would probaby rank in order as :

  1. Working at Cath Kidston (especially since I found out she gives her staff £800 to spend in the store each year- so now she's talented and generous)
  2. Chocolate taster
  3. Cupcake taster
  4. Personal bodyguard for the hot guy from Glee - Mark Salling - Actually think he may shoot up to 1.

Well following a lovely request from GreenandBlacks, the organic chocolate company I got to try the chocolate tasting bit and it's not all it's cracked up to be ! You really can have too much of a good thing.

I was sent 8 bars to taste and review, so deciding to get all official and not scoff the lot in one go I rounded up a couple of good friends and over coffee and a chat we sniffed, looked and melted chocolate slowly in our mouths ( how hard was that to do).

It was so much fun, the chocolate came with an information sheet on the best way to taste chocolate and it seems my lifelong method of unwrapping and scoffing the lot as quickly as possible isn't right - who knew ?

Unwrap and look........

then sniff.......

hold your nose and allow the small piece of choclate to melt in the mouth, finally let go of your nose and taste all the flavours........

I still have lots of chocolate left, so in part 2, I'm going to blog some more pictures and results of what we tasted and what we liked. 

Right just off to check the voice mail in case the gorgeous guy from Glee has left me a message. TTFN xx

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Cath Kidston bags at last !!

Went to visit my lovely sister in Plymouth for a few days at the weekend but weather was atrocious so we stayed indoors drinking lots of hot chocolate and chatting on the sofa, but forget the weather the best bit was this little lot.

mmm maybe I should have taken the pic against a plainer background

They are the Cath Kidston bags for Tesco that were brough out last summer. Not too sure how many she did in the collection, but I love these.  Too gorgeous to put away so I've already filled one with my knitting.  The others will be filled with crochet projects (if I ever learn) and sewing.

Took a lovely walk with the girls at Black Park last week.  It was freezing with ice and frost everywhere but it looked gorgeous.  We took a long leisurely walk around the lake, played in the park and finished off with a hot chocolate at the cafe.  It's well worth a visit.

birds walking on the frozen lake

I think these are Japanese Terns (well that's what the man next to me said to his wife!)

DD3 all snuggly in her Jojo mama bebe snuggly - I love the pattern


Saturday, 30 January 2010

Bargains and birthdays !

Christmas has only just gone and now we have two birthdays coming up.  DD1 will be 25 and DS2 is going to be 15, where did the time go?  I know it's a cliche but it really does seem like yesterday when they were as small and vulnerable as DD3 who is now almost 6 months and is just adorable. 

Eldest daughter is so easy to buy for, I'm making a gift basket filled with lots of pink goodies, it's almost finished and can't wait to show it off.  But my 15 year old !!!    Apparently I'm not fashionable enough to be trusted to actually buy his presents. Uhuh I just have to pay for them and let his older brother buy them. Oh if only they knew how trendy mum used to be in her hot - pants, conical bra and dm's.  Beneath this exterior of shabby chic, charity shops and knitting lies that 80's Acid House raver just waiting to burst back out.

Talking of charity shops had a lovely day today shopping with my 84 year old Nan! She's so young at heart, so after a lovely lunch we hit the shops.

dinky little tea-cup(tea light holder) from Yankee Candle

gorgeous collection of coloured knitting needles(think the pale green ones on the right are really old, not sure if they are Bakelite)

fuzzy close-up of hand embroidered pillow slip

pair of hand embroidered sofa backs

hand embroidered linen tray liner (folded over)

We went to six different Charity Shops and not sure if it's a local thing, but they all looked so alike and not many original bargains to be had.  I got all these lovely linens and knitting needles from the same shop but the others tended to be bit overpriced.  So still on the lookout for embroidered goodies and  I want to turn them into something gorgeous like this.  Have a look, it's from a great blog and even better she's having a fab giveaway.


This is my youngest Vintage, all of 6 months and pictured here desperately trying to eat the camera strap!  I'd love some advice on taking good photos for blogs or some good camera recommendations.  I think pictures really help a blog to flow so now I take mine everywhere with me. 

I had comments on my last post and it really cheers me up to think people actually stop by and read my blog. So thankyou posters.  And yes, the Cath Kidston washing up liquid label is paper, so why not do what I do, just leave it out for show!  Only joking, I put it in my wardrobe out of the way - with two strapping teens and a hubby who haven't quite grabbed the idea of having things for 'best' I daren't leave it out.

Have a lovely Sunday everyone xx

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Why are other people's blogs so much better than mine ?

It's not a complaint (honest) but sometimes I seem to spend so many hours trawling blog land and come back here and think, 'how do they do it?'  There are some super talented bloggers and a couple of my faves are Countryheartandhome, lots to see on this one including recipes, crafty makes and doing up a home.  happylovesrosie is another gorgeous blog - pictures galore and really friendly.  Ooops looks like my New Years Resolution to stop bloogling (the art of blog drooling !) has gone out the window.


What's this I hear you ask? Well after lots and lots of hints to family at Christmas, they stopped buying me books I'll never read and bubblebath I will never use and instead treated me to some lovely Cath Kidston and I thought I'd share.  The kitchen cleaner smells divine just like fresh cotton sheets and the garden gloves are bright and cheerful - only problem with the gloves? Well, they are so gorgeous I don't want to spoil them and actually wear them to do gardening.  Think I'll have to get some cheapo ones.

retro pastry forks

This was a little gift from my lovely Nan.  The box is tatty but the gorgeous dainty pastry forks inside have never been used, but they are tiny!  Not sure how much patience I would have faced with a split cream donut but they are divine.

DD3 is a poorly little baby at the moment so not much time for crafting, just lots of cuddles. 

Saturday, 16 January 2010

What a miserable day !

Warning - bad karma alert!

Mmmm what can I say - I wanted to tell you about all the lovely goodies I have made but instead it's been a miserable day. 
  • My car wouldn't start so had to be towed to the Garage £45
  • Sockets kept blowing in the utility room so had to call the Electrician who thankfully is a friends husband, hate to think what it would cost if I got him from Yellow Pages £20
  • Husbands car window wipers broken so had to get DD2 and DD3 back out of car
  • Sockets blew again so called Electrician back out £ 0 
  • Husband fixed wipers, got DD's and all their bits and bobs in car, wipers broke at end of road !
  • Pot of bright orange baby food exploded in baby bag covering EVERYTHING in gunge.
  • Sandwich toaster broke but only after I had made everyone a gorgeous sandwich and only me left to do. 
  •  Garage called - car won't be back till next week. £200

Don't think I have had so many things go so wrong in one day. 

I did say in my last post that I was going to be super good and make a dress for DD3 but I really want it to look nice so instead I have been practicing my sewing skills by making a simple fleece hat.

 DD3 in her new fleece hat

Really simple to make from a fleece scarf that only cost £2.

Measure babies head, add 1/2 inch for seam allowance.  Cut panel of fabric that's the width of babies head x 10 inches.  Sew up small sides to make a tube.  Sew up top of hat.  Turn right side out. Turn up 3 inches and either hand or machine sew in place. Voila all done.  I am going to add some pompoms to the outer corners just to finish it all off.  Happy to put step by step pictures up if anyone wants them.  Tomorrow I'm going to finish some bitty bootees I started in felt and make a Gnome hat.

ttfn x

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