Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Cath Kidston bags at last !!

Went to visit my lovely sister in Plymouth for a few days at the weekend but weather was atrocious so we stayed indoors drinking lots of hot chocolate and chatting on the sofa, but forget the weather the best bit was this little lot.

mmm maybe I should have taken the pic against a plainer background

They are the Cath Kidston bags for Tesco that were brough out last summer. Not too sure how many she did in the collection, but I love these.  Too gorgeous to put away so I've already filled one with my knitting.  The others will be filled with crochet projects (if I ever learn) and sewing.

Took a lovely walk with the girls at Black Park last week.  It was freezing with ice and frost everywhere but it looked gorgeous.  We took a long leisurely walk around the lake, played in the park and finished off with a hot chocolate at the cafe.  It's well worth a visit.

birds walking on the frozen lake

I think these are Japanese Terns (well that's what the man next to me said to his wife!)

DD3 all snuggly in her Jojo mama bebe snuggly - I love the pattern



  1. Those Tesco CK bags are brilliant - I have the green with pink roses like yours and also a christmas one. Wish I'd been able to get more.

  2. Hi Viki,
    I also have those bags plus another 3 designs from the Tesco range. They did the one with the large red roses with a blue background too and 2 more "retro" ones. The only one I think I missed was the Christmas one. :-( I actually use them each week for my grocery shopping rather than "save" them.
    DD3 looks lovely and snuggly there.


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