Saturday, 30 January 2010

Bargains and birthdays !

Christmas has only just gone and now we have two birthdays coming up.  DD1 will be 25 and DS2 is going to be 15, where did the time go?  I know it's a cliche but it really does seem like yesterday when they were as small and vulnerable as DD3 who is now almost 6 months and is just adorable. 

Eldest daughter is so easy to buy for, I'm making a gift basket filled with lots of pink goodies, it's almost finished and can't wait to show it off.  But my 15 year old !!!    Apparently I'm not fashionable enough to be trusted to actually buy his presents. Uhuh I just have to pay for them and let his older brother buy them. Oh if only they knew how trendy mum used to be in her hot - pants, conical bra and dm's.  Beneath this exterior of shabby chic, charity shops and knitting lies that 80's Acid House raver just waiting to burst back out.

Talking of charity shops had a lovely day today shopping with my 84 year old Nan! She's so young at heart, so after a lovely lunch we hit the shops.

dinky little tea-cup(tea light holder) from Yankee Candle

gorgeous collection of coloured knitting needles(think the pale green ones on the right are really old, not sure if they are Bakelite)

fuzzy close-up of hand embroidered pillow slip

pair of hand embroidered sofa backs

hand embroidered linen tray liner (folded over)

We went to six different Charity Shops and not sure if it's a local thing, but they all looked so alike and not many original bargains to be had.  I got all these lovely linens and knitting needles from the same shop but the others tended to be bit overpriced.  So still on the lookout for embroidered goodies and  I want to turn them into something gorgeous like this.  Have a look, it's from a great blog and even better she's having a fab giveaway.


This is my youngest Vintage, all of 6 months and pictured here desperately trying to eat the camera strap!  I'd love some advice on taking good photos for blogs or some good camera recommendations.  I think pictures really help a blog to flow so now I take mine everywhere with me. 

I had comments on my last post and it really cheers me up to think people actually stop by and read my blog. So thankyou posters.  And yes, the Cath Kidston washing up liquid label is paper, so why not do what I do, just leave it out for show!  Only joking, I put it in my wardrobe out of the way - with two strapping teens and a hubby who haven't quite grabbed the idea of having things for 'best' I daren't leave it out.

Have a lovely Sunday everyone xx


  1. You've got some lovely things there Viki.
    I love piccies on blogs! I never used to take many photo's but since having a blog I must admit I am using my camera more.
    Good luck with the birthdays - I have a 13yo son so know how hard they are to buy for.
    PS Your blog is lovely so stop worrying! lol

  2. Hi Viki, thank you for your visit and lovely comment re Lace on my blog.
    I use a Canon Powershot camera, its an old one now but very good.
    I also use Picasa a free photo servive, to download photos also send to my blog.Its very good programme.
    Your family sound wonderful. Hugs forwarded to your youngest.


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