Sunday, 14 February 2010

Surprise in the loft

I'm a bit of a hoarder and shove lots of things I think might come in handy into the loft - the result being that we simply could't get up there any more.  So taking BIG breaths on saturday we braved the boxes, bags, old christmas trees (four !!!) and huge hanging cobwebs and made a start.  It took all afternoon, two trips to the dump and charity shop but look what I found.......
It's a hand crocheted granny squared blanket for a single bed.  It's so lovely and blooming heavy!  Sadly there is a small hole in one of the squares but some lovely ladies over at Shabby Chic Cafe  have offered a replacement.  I'm always amazed just how generous people can be and I am so pleased to be part of a lovely blogging community. Middle daughter has asked if she can have it and of course she can.  She doesn't know it yet but one of my projects this year is to completely revamp her bedroom.  Sadly she's growing out of disney princess so I'm going to indulge my inner vintage.
ttfn xxx


  1. What a fantastic find. I cannot get into our loft and dread to think what's up there!xx

  2. What a gorgeous blanket. Great find! x

  3. Wow, gorgeous blanket well worth cleaning the loft for!
    Yvonne x


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