Thursday, 11 February 2010

Green & Blacks Official Chocolate taster !

If I had to come up with a list of dream jobs they would probaby rank in order as :

  1. Working at Cath Kidston (especially since I found out she gives her staff £800 to spend in the store each year- so now she's talented and generous)
  2. Chocolate taster
  3. Cupcake taster
  4. Personal bodyguard for the hot guy from Glee - Mark Salling - Actually think he may shoot up to 1.

Well following a lovely request from GreenandBlacks, the organic chocolate company I got to try the chocolate tasting bit and it's not all it's cracked up to be ! You really can have too much of a good thing.

I was sent 8 bars to taste and review, so deciding to get all official and not scoff the lot in one go I rounded up a couple of good friends and over coffee and a chat we sniffed, looked and melted chocolate slowly in our mouths ( how hard was that to do).

It was so much fun, the chocolate came with an information sheet on the best way to taste chocolate and it seems my lifelong method of unwrapping and scoffing the lot as quickly as possible isn't right - who knew ?

Unwrap and look........

then sniff.......

hold your nose and allow the small piece of choclate to melt in the mouth, finally let go of your nose and taste all the flavours........

I still have lots of chocolate left, so in part 2, I'm going to blog some more pictures and results of what we tasted and what we liked. 

Right just off to check the voice mail in case the gorgeous guy from Glee has left me a message. TTFN xx

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  1. oh you poor things lol...must have been a chore for you all :)...I'm abit of a chocoholic ...well ok a big one, it seems to help in any occasion whether I'm happy or sad lol....I have to admit I have never eaten Green & Black, infact I have never even seen it lol, though I don't feel hard done by as there have been numerous alternatives that have seen me through xx


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