Friday, 19 February 2010

My first sewing project.....

We've been poorly in our house this week.  A virus has been hitting us all just like a bowling ball on skittles and its only Mr Vintage who's still going strong.  So while I lay in bed I thought I'd do a draft blog and suddenly I've perked up. I have 15 followers, how on earth did that happen?  How lovely.  If this continues I may have to do a giveaway. I love entering them (never win sadly) so I'd love to do one.  So thankyou for taking the time to add me.

vintage plastic knitting needles
I recieved these this week from the lovely Mitmot, from Shabby Chic cafe. If you get the chance come on over, lots of friendly chatter and always someone willing to help or give advice on just about anything, sewing, knitting, painting furniture and life in general.

In between mopping children's heads and dispensing calpol I managed to make this......

It's a cot quilt for DD3.  I made it from a single patchwork duvet cover from Argos that was pretty cheap and added some wadding.  I cut out three hearts from the patchwork side of the quilt and after bonding them on I machine sewed them in place.  The stitching is wobbly, the seams aren't straight and I think the hearts are slightly wonky but I adore it.  This is the first proper thing I have made since I left school and I have loads of material left over so I want to make a cot tidy and bunting.  I didn't realise how enjoyable sewing could be and how quick it is to make something.  I'm so nervous putting my foot to the pedal but I'm not as hard on myself as I used to be when I was younger - I just think what the heck, she's 6 months old it's not as if DD3 will even notice the wonky stitching lol.

DD2 has just come in she's having a nightmare but funnily enough hasn't even gone to sleep yet, mmmm I think someone wants attention, so ttfn. Sweet dreams x


  1. glad you liked the needles, and thanks so much for the fabric. Love the quilt, well done :-) xx

  2. Thanks so much for your lovely comment - I'll give asda a go, as someone else suggested they may still have some. Everywhere seems to be clearing their winter stock, I'm finding.
    I love the cot quilt - really pretty. x

  3. aren't they funny how they find new and creative ways to avoid going to bed. :)

    thanks for joining in the giveaway fun over at my blog. i hope your day is a happy one!


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