Saturday, 16 January 2010

What a miserable day !

Warning - bad karma alert!

Mmmm what can I say - I wanted to tell you about all the lovely goodies I have made but instead it's been a miserable day. 
  • My car wouldn't start so had to be towed to the Garage £45
  • Sockets kept blowing in the utility room so had to call the Electrician who thankfully is a friends husband, hate to think what it would cost if I got him from Yellow Pages £20
  • Husbands car window wipers broken so had to get DD2 and DD3 back out of car
  • Sockets blew again so called Electrician back out £ 0 
  • Husband fixed wipers, got DD's and all their bits and bobs in car, wipers broke at end of road !
  • Pot of bright orange baby food exploded in baby bag covering EVERYTHING in gunge.
  • Sandwich toaster broke but only after I had made everyone a gorgeous sandwich and only me left to do. 
  •  Garage called - car won't be back till next week. £200

Don't think I have had so many things go so wrong in one day. 

I did say in my last post that I was going to be super good and make a dress for DD3 but I really want it to look nice so instead I have been practicing my sewing skills by making a simple fleece hat.

 DD3 in her new fleece hat

Really simple to make from a fleece scarf that only cost £2.

Measure babies head, add 1/2 inch for seam allowance.  Cut panel of fabric that's the width of babies head x 10 inches.  Sew up small sides to make a tube.  Sew up top of hat.  Turn right side out. Turn up 3 inches and either hand or machine sew in place. Voila all done.  I am going to add some pompoms to the outer corners just to finish it all off.  Happy to put step by step pictures up if anyone wants them.  Tomorrow I'm going to finish some bitty bootees I started in felt and make a Gnome hat.

ttfn x

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  1. Oh you poor thing. It really was a bad day yesterday for you. The hat looks lovely and so does DD3 - such a cutie. Hope today is better for you.
    C xx


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