Saturday, 23 January 2010

Why are other people's blogs so much better than mine ?

It's not a complaint (honest) but sometimes I seem to spend so many hours trawling blog land and come back here and think, 'how do they do it?'  There are some super talented bloggers and a couple of my faves are Countryheartandhome, lots to see on this one including recipes, crafty makes and doing up a home.  happylovesrosie is another gorgeous blog - pictures galore and really friendly.  Ooops looks like my New Years Resolution to stop bloogling (the art of blog drooling !) has gone out the window.


What's this I hear you ask? Well after lots and lots of hints to family at Christmas, they stopped buying me books I'll never read and bubblebath I will never use and instead treated me to some lovely Cath Kidston and I thought I'd share.  The kitchen cleaner smells divine just like fresh cotton sheets and the garden gloves are bright and cheerful - only problem with the gloves? Well, they are so gorgeous I don't want to spoil them and actually wear them to do gardening.  Think I'll have to get some cheapo ones.

retro pastry forks

This was a little gift from my lovely Nan.  The box is tatty but the gorgeous dainty pastry forks inside have never been used, but they are tiny!  Not sure how much patience I would have faced with a split cream donut but they are divine.

DD3 is a poorly little baby at the moment so not much time for crafting, just lots of cuddles. 


  1. Oo some lovely goodies there Viki. Love the cake forks! Is the label on the CK washing up liquid made of paper or printed on the bottle? I was thinking of getting one and then refilling it when it's empty (I know how sad is that?! lol) but if it's paper then I don't suppose it would last too long. Thanks. :-)

  2. Hi don't give yourself a hard time - your blog is really pretty! I have only been blogging for a month so am still finding my way. Thanks so much for stopping by.xx

  3. I thought like this at first. But those women are uberbloggers! Goddesses of the blogging world. It's nice to pop in and admire them, and take a few tips, but it wouldn't be possible for the rest of us to be like that! And it's not necessary either. I'm off to have a proper look at your pretty blog now.


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