Thursday, 2 October 2008

Did someone say it's October?

Where has time flown? I just spotted 4 comments following my last blog and it is such a buzz when that happens - so thank you and thank you again for letting me know how to add links. I wish I had read the comment about light sanding - think I may just have to live with the brush marks on top of my desk and if I keep the lights low I'm sure nobody else will notice either.

Have finally finished painting the desk and thought I would post a piccy of all the other carboot bargains I picked up at our local carboot. It is huge and I have never managed to get all the way round - I get bored by about row 8 and usually buy a greasy hamburger and sit in the car reading whatever new book I have bought until husband/sister/daughter joins me. Does anyone else struggle with all their bargains and will it be terribly old ladyish if I bought a shopping trolley 40 years earlier than most shopping trolley ladies???? My sister/daughter have both threatened to never shop with me again if I do but I must investigate if CK sells one.

Here we have a little chest that hangs on the wall but not sure if I am going to paint it or just change the knobs to little china ones. Any suggestions? This one cost me £1.oo It isn't as orange as it looks in the photo.
These were from left to right 50p, 20p and £1.00. The heart shelves are going to be painted white and put in my little girls room, the one in the middle (to be painted and stencilled) will go in my room above my newly painted desk and hold all the little knick knacks that I seem to pick up just like a magpie and the one on the right I simply love and not sure where to put it.

And finally we have this - mmmm
It's hard to see but this is a magazine holder (50p) with different paintings either side (but I think they are just prints not really painted). I was thinking of distressing it (which I have never done I may add) and putting some duck eggy wallpaper in front of the prints. Just in case someone 'spots' it and tells me I am covering up a 17C masterpiece ! I am going to use this in my room for all my papers and ideal home magazines.

Children are all much better and back at school so it has been lovely catching up with the ironing, which frankly was not so much of a pile but a mountain - literally. It has taken me nearly a week to get through it, why do kids get their clothes so dirty? And why do teenage boys have to spray an entire can of Lynx when they are about to go to school? I pity their poor teachers if all boys are like that - the peculiar mix of Lynx and football socks UGH !

And finally I don't think I mentioned I have a new kitten who was bought to replace my cat who died last year (Marmite RIP) my cat ws 21 years old so I was very upset. So welcome Nibbles, for some unfathomable reason my husband keeps calling him Torres but luckily being smart he answers to both. TTFN x
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