Wednesday, 13 January 2010

I'm Back !

Ok this is it - I promise (hand on heart ) that this year will be the year of the blog !  Just don't know why I am so terrible at this writing lark, I kept a diary when I was younger for years and years and I simply love to talk so need to be focused.  No more blog hopping for me and day dreaming 'why can't I do that' nope that's it.   Had a sharp talk to myself (well ok did't really talk to myself because I think that's just plain daft - apologies to any selftalkers out there) and blogging as often as possible is one of this years resolutions.  Here are some others :

1. Blog more (great started on that one already)
2. Stop pretending I don't eat chocolate (I do - my Gran belongs to the Mars retirement club and gets LOADS of freebies).  That one's going well as I had a Lions Bar last night !
3. Stop moaning about having no money - nobody does at the moment and it bores people.
4. Wipe the drool off the pc and actually start to decorate/sew/embroider instead of being jealous of others who do.

There = not many and I think all achievable.

view from the motorway just as it started to snow

Just like rest of the UK it's been snowing here and I LOVE IT !  It makes everything so clean looking and so fresh and reminds of how I think Winter should be. 

Made some snow angels with DD 2, then DD3 was freezing so after taking her back inside we all had a snowball fight, but being as highly competitive as I am I decided to get all humphy and say I'm not playing any more.  Hour later had a text from a neighbour (who used to be my SIL so that's ok) who asked if I'd had fun in the snow. I somehow seemed to forget that I live in a cul-de-sac with neighbours!!!

Hope you all had a great Christmas, I did.  Last year was a complete non-starter due to illness but this year was much better.  Here's DD3 wearing her Christmas outfits.

Biased I know but I think she is adorable

DD1 bought me a gorgeous sewing machine a couple of years ago and it's been gathering dust but I bought these for DD3 and am going to make a start on the first one today.  Haven't sewed anything since home economic classes at my all girls school in the 80's so wish me luck.  So have bought a couple of patterns to get me started ----

I belong to a few forums and newest one I've found is British Mummy bloggers .  I haven't set up a home page yet and just finding my way around but the number bloggers is huge.  Joined the reviewers page just before Christmas and already been asked to review Green & Blacks chocolate .  I hummed and hahed - should I? Oh well someone has to taste and then comment on chocolate so it may as well be me!  Not really - I can't wait, eating chocolate and then writing about it how hard can it be? Will let you know xx

bye for now x

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