Saturday, 24 October 2009

Time is flying by ................

After promising myself that I would be ever so good and blog at least once a week, I've failed already!  I don't know if the weeks fly by because I'm getting older or just because I am so busy but whatever the reason I wish life would just slow down ever so slightly.  It's been a week of coughs, colds and tonsilitis in our house and it's not the baby keeping me up it's the noise from the older children.  Yes, I know they can't help it but .......

Had the most gorgeous gift last week from my friend Alison's mum. She is a fantastic knitter and knitted lots of little white cardigans but now she knows I have a girl she has been churning out these -

gorgeous lilac number

lovely lemon

pretty in pink !
These are just 3 out of the 6 she knitted this month. I so wish I could knit as quick and as well.  She won't even let me buy the wool to say thankyou so need to think of something nice instead.

Talking of my little girl she is just adorable (biased I know) and has the most eatable cheeks, in fact they are HUGE.  Her Dad calls her squirrel for obvious reasons.

Just before middle daughter developed tonsilitis, she made these krispie cakes....

Just wanted to show you the plate really!  Lovely lovely lovely.

This lovely shabby chic pinny is from a Shabby Chic shop at Village Life .  Great place to visit.

And finally .....
My hubby has been running for six months now and did his first 'proper' race today and guess what ? He came 7th out of 72 !!! I haven't been taking his running seriously to be honest in fact it just annoys me when he comes in at 7 am all sweaty and I do moan loads, but I am very proud of him.  He wants to build up to half marathon and then who knows he may even do the full one.  Here he is ....

night all xx

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  1. Aww your baby is so cute! Love the apron, so pretty X


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