Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Bargain hunting !

It's been a great start to the week ( apart from the weather lol).  Found some lovely bargains in some local Charity Shops.  Met some nice people via Freecycle and one of my closest friends has gone back to work this week after almost 10 years at home raising children to work with the elderly and she loves it.  I am so pleased for her as she was a bag of nerves beforehand. It's made me think more of the future and I am more determined than ever to open the little artsy craftsy shop I dream of!  But for now I am just loving being at home with my little gorgeous girl. 

Here are some of my charity shop finds..........................

this is a small posy dish (20p)

a lovely shaped dish just perfect for soap (40p)

I found two of these hand-crochet place mats (?),any way they will be made into cushions.  I was thinking of using a duck egg blue material with the cream crochet on top. (20p for both)

this is the corner of a large square of hand embroidered linen table cloth (20p).  I just don't know where to put it yet but it is so so lovely.  I did think about putting it on the back of the sofa but my Nan still does that and she is in her 80's so love my Nan but want to try something else.  I have seen some of these types of embroidery turned into cushions or lavender bags on Shabby Chic Cafe but am not sure if I should cut it up.  Will just have to add it to my growing pile of WAS (wait and see ! )

Little one is sleeping now so it's off to tackle my ironing mountain and throw away my disastrous chocolate finger flan that even the kids won't eat.  xxx


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