Saturday, 10 October 2009

Freecycle goodies and scrummy books

I have been a freecycle member for a couple of years now but haven't really asked for anything and only posted a few things but this month I have been very lucky. Our tumble dryer suddenly went without warning. With four children and winter coming all I could think of was heaps of drying clothes hung over radiators ! Not good - but a lovely freecycler emigrating to Australia donated an almost new tumble dryer. A lovely lady gave me some baby clothes and then this was posted .....

this is the back of a 70's dolls house

this is the front

interior shot

My 8yr old loves it and I can't believe after 35years it still has lots of original furniture including a lovely avodado bath mmmmm but also the carpet sweeper and Hoover in the shot above.  I had to explain just what a carpet sweeper actually does and then I remembered my Nan still has one which she still uses.  Funny how things today just don't seem to last yet her carpet sweeper must be at least 40 years old !

Also popped in to the charity shop again and someone has obviously been clearing their bookcase because I picked up these...

The book is by Mary Berry who I think is a great cookbook writer.

I've tried cooking Chinese food and love it so hoping to make something bit different than the usual sweet and sour chicken.

Not sure if you can really see this but it's a recipe book that follows the seasons and gives a recipe for each day of the year. They look really easy to follow and don't have bizarre or hard to buy ingredients like some books do.

Thats the bargains for now, still have to let you know about my disastrous fridge cake !  How a fridge cake can go wrong is beyond me but I managed to do it.  My sister gave me a lovely recipe that involved Belgian chocolate, double cream, marshmallows and digestives. But I didnt have all the ingredients and used cake covering, no cream, oddly dry marshmallows and chocolate digestives that were getting soft. Heres the picture it looks lovely but my word it was horrid.  Even the kids who love chocolate cake wouldnt eat it and more than half sadly went in the bin. 


Ok then its off to make Tuna and tomato risotto - that's one recipe I know I can do without mistakes.  Bye for now


  1. What an absolutely lovely haul...and your china below is gorgeous...definitely got an eye for a bargain

  2. Wow, that doll's house is so lovely and can't believe it has so much furniture still. Some great finds there xx

  3. Freecycle is great and I just wish I had found it sooner .... fantastic way of de-cluttering and doing someone else a good turn at the same time. That doll's house is terrific .... amazing what some people giveway and an antique of the future I am sure. x

  4. Hi. I only discovered Freecycle about a fortnight ago and have just given away my piano. Now I want to see if I can pick something up myself. Brilliant finds - ou did really well!

  5. The dolls house is a brilliant find! I think I need to look at Freecycle as Im obviously missing out on some great stuff. I like Mary Berry as she gives recipes for Aga cooking. Ive had many a culinary cooking disaster trying to adapt a recipe from oven to Aga X


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