Sunday, 14 September 2008

thankyou !

Haven't been on all week as I have bronchitis (boo!) still in bed now so a belated thank you for all the lovely welcomes (hugs back to everyone). It has cheered me seeing your lovely comments, wasn't sure anyone had stopped by so a big THANK YOU .

Apart from feeling poorly it has felt very odd at home this week, I have been so used to children around me that the house feels very quiet. So no excuses now - I can get on with all the things I promised I would do when the children were older. So for any mums out there tearing their hair out believe me they are at school so quickly you really do miss it.

First things first is to get the business running more professionally, I love all the making things and face painting but stall at paperwork and websites. Am going to buy a website maker this week as there must be an easypeasy way to do it.

My first project next weekish is to create a Princess Throne, not very shabby chic but this time it will be gold with purple or gold net skirt. Just on the lookout now for an old wooden chair that's small enough for children to sit on. The Throne will be used at the end of a red carpet for my princess parties, hopefully good for photos as well.

Had a party on Tuesday for 20 Children and couldn't get anyone to cover - it's not easy playing Duck Duck Goose in a large hall with lots of little ones and hardly any voice ! They were adorable though and 4 to 5 year olds are just so grateful for anything. I had a terrible moment when I completely and utterly forgot what a Rabbit looked like and was asked to paint the birthday girl first ! She was so sweet though and said 'it's perfect'. Wish they were all like that.

Promise to put pictures on from next week (it must get terribly boring just reading my Blog).

am off to look at all the blogs of my new friends


  1. A thimble holder...really its just a little bag with a thimble in!!
    its tiny...but sweet!
    How interesting that your a childrens party!

    Glad your better.....awful being ill....i feel much better today so went for a walk in the woods up in Styal.

    My hubs is a virgo...loves neatness...i'm a aries...ocd!! so we go together well!
    I do have stuff out but clutter is neatly stored in pretty boxes.....i'm very orderly, tidy house tidy mind!!!


    PS pop in soon...i'll add you to the draw!

  2. Just a note to welcome you to the SC Forum!

  3. Welcome to the SC forum again. I'm also a brand new blogger too!!

  4. Hi! Thanks for your comment. It'll be great to see how you get on with a web design package. I think they are fairly easy, but good luck! I get very flustered when even thinking about anything to do with pooters!
    Love your strawberries, on the sidebar. x

  5. ps. Hope you are feeling a lot better today.

  6. Hi, welcome to SC forum and to blogland. Looking forward to seeing pictures of your princess throne!


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